Application Services

Our consultants have been in IT industry over two decades designing applications, implementations, database integration, component based development (CBD), and customization for enterprise and cloud applications.

Cloud Technologies

Our Cloud solutions are designed and developed on AWS technologies, out of box thinking, strategic design, and futuristic view of business needs.

Enterprise Architecture

Our architects address stakeholder's concerns about quality attributes such as performance, reliability, security, and maintainability, they ensure that solution provides answers to business needs.

Software Engineering

Our cloud applications are developed in most scalable MVC framework utilizing Object Oriented and reuseable architecture to decrease maintenance costs of the Enterprise Appication.

ERP Services

We have extensive experience managing ERP integration, implementations, development, and mkigrations. Our senior consultants have over two decates of extensive functional and technical expertise.

Database Management

We have years of experience in analyzing “how data in IT should be utilized to support an organizations overall business strategy and to improve business value” trough industry standards.