Technology is complicated

But your IT solution does not have to be!

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Cloud Based Solutions

Organize, Manage, and Grow...
We take care of your IT solution needs while you take care of your business needs...

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Application Services, Cloud Solutions, Application Integration, Data Migration, Data Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

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Enterprise Assets Management

Manage your assets in cloud, generate complex analytics with just the click, monitor your profitability, and make data centric business decisions.

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Our Enterprise Assets Management (EAM) application allows an individual/organization to manage their business in cloud without the knowledge of complex business management skills. The EAM Application delivers simple but comprehensive management portal to keep track of your assets, employees, reservations, contracts, agreements, issues management, revnue, and expenses.

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Creative Solutions

Our solutions are built based on current technologies, out of box thinking, strategic design, and futuristic view of business needs. The reduction of maintenance cost through inovative design and development enabled us to provide solutions on fraction of the cost of an IT infrastructure and code maintenance staff.

Cloud Technology

The appliction architecture design is based on current cloud technologies with data security and accessibilty in mind as a primary ingredient of the solution. Universal architectural framework and industry standard has been part of the entire SDLC which reduces the maintenance cost in long run and easy to understand among various technical stake holders.

Database Management

We provide Enterprise Database Management, Application Integration, and consultancy services in information technology area. We also assist clients in variety of associated services, including business function outsourcing, data warehousing, data architecture, enterprise resource planning (ERP), data migration, and Amazon RDS.

Industries Served

ORACLE® RDBMS, Amazon RDS Solutions
Cloud, Web 2.x, and SOA platforms
Higher Education
Engineering Lab
Assets Management
Healthcare Insurance
VOIP and SIP platforms

Project-based Solutions

Application Services Enterprise Architecture
Transition Management / Change Management Process Improvement: BPI, BPM, and BPR
Business Analysis / System Analysis ERP Integration / Enhancment
Legacy System Migration ETL Architecture
Software Engineering Enterprise Data Warehouse